The connection between humans and trees is at times spiritual and even metaphysical. Think of a towering sequoia tree or a thick forest of evergreens, these images captivate our sense and evoke a primal attachment to nature. Createk’s attachment to nature is best represented by the incredibly lifelike trees and plants that we create for our customers.

Using our patented composite resin, Createk artists produce a flora of all shapes and sizes for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor projects. From museum displays to theme park attractions, Createk produces the most realistic, durable, and inspiring creations aside from Mother Nature herself! Createk has created tree and plant displays for Lagoon Parks, Smithsonian Museums, The Detroit Museum of Science, and Cabela’s retail stores. Natural Trees and plants are undeniably beautiful, but many projects limit their use because of weather, light cycles, space, and design concepts. Createk artificial trees and plants provide a cost effective and practical solution limited only by your imagination.

Createk artificial trees and plants are ultra-realistic and have many advantages over the real thing. From trunks to branches and leaves, our trees are sunlight and UV stable and will not fade, stain, chip, or break after extended exposure to the elements. In addition, our trees and plants never need watering, will never wilt or die, and will never grow too large.

Whether your project needs a towering oak that never loses its leaves, an indoor forest of elms, or a one of a kind tree from another time and dimension, look to Createk! At Createk, we don’t just imitate Mother Nature, we improve it!