Animal Reproductions

Createk was founded in 1998 as a company dedicated to creating the most naturalistic animal reproductions and habitats in the taxidermy industry. Createk still takes intense pride in its animal reproduction artistry even though the company has since expanded into theming, lawn and garden, and artificial rock products. Zoos and aquariums across the country rely on Createk to help them develop animal productions including mammals, birds, reptiles, and fish that are used as accessories or displays for live animal exhibits.

Imagine a realistic penguin holding a sign outside the live feeding tank or an oversized elephant head that stretches over visitors entering a safari ride. From giant giraffes to tiny birds and rodents, our artists produce stunning realistic animals that educate and astound. You can pick from our line of pre designed pieces that are specially designed to highlight the power, grace, and beauty that the creature possesses.

From ultra-realistic trophy bucks to awe inspiring supernatural dragons, Createk captures the beauty and power of the animal kingdom. If you want the best looking pieces the market has to offer, look no further than Createk!