Natural Habitats

Museums, aquariums, theme parks, and retail stores across the country rely on Createk to create the most stunning and realistic water habitats possible. From waterfall splashed caves to underwater coral reefs, Createk produces natural habitats to look as if they came from Mother Nature herself! Our team of artists have worked with SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, Mystic Aquarium, and Lagoon Parks to create some of their most impressive water exhibits such as rivers, tidal pools, and coral reefs. Using our patented composite polymer resin, our artists can fabricate rock formations, retaining walls, and create sculptures such as sunken ships.

We also offer a wide range of accent products such as artificial moss, vines, coral, snow, ice, and water to compliment your finished waterscape. From underwater paradises to above ground waterscapes, Createk can help you realize your projects potential with amazing realism and artistry.