Theming FAQ

What is CREATEK?

CREATEK is a composite polymer resin with a wide variety of uses. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor installations, in any climate. Through our natural molding process, CREATEK can be customized to reproduce almost any shape, surface details or color.

What are some common theming applications of CREATEK?

Our product is used in: stone formations; wood formations such as trees and timber; snow, ice and water sculptures; animal and fossil reproductions; and limitless architectural components.

What is the longevity of CREATEK in an outdoor application?

CREATEK has a limitless lifespan, due to its unique polymer resin composition. It is colorfast and will not fade or change appearance when exposed to sunlight, water, or varying temperatures. Since organic pigments are infused throughout , CREATEK never needs to be touched up or painted if chipped or scratched.

How much does CREATEK weigh?

Our product is very lightweight, at only 0.5 inches thick and 2.2 pounds (1 kilogram) per square foot. CREATEK provides the appearance and longevity of natural stone, without the weight (and costs) associated with stone, gunite, concrete, multi-layer urethane or fiberglass.

Is CREATEK strong?

CREATEK is comprised of an outer composite polymer resin bonded to an internal fiberglass lining—providing a lightweight yet incredibly strong product. CREATEK boasts an ASTM flexural strength of 12,000 lbs and compression strength of 8,500 lbs. Our product has withstood the test of time in even the toughest climates, and is not affected by freeze/thaw cycles or extreme temperatures.

How are CREATEK structures assembled and installed?

Our product is designed predominantly as a theming material and not a structural component. As a freestanding formation, CREATEK can rise up to 15 feet in height without interior reinforcement—and still support the weight of maintenance people when needed. Our products can also be affixed to existing structures or custom-made support systems.

Large CREATEK components are manufactured at our Massachusetts factory as fitted panels, then shipped to your site and assembled by our technicians. This controlled process ensures the quality of the product and reduces onsite installation time.

What advantages does CREATEK provide when compared to other artificial stone products?

Unlike concrete-based products, CREATEK is extremely lightweight, resists algae and other organic growth, does not leach lime or display calcium buildup, and does not absorb water. Our products never fade from sunlight or UV rays, and since the color is infused throughout the polymer resin, there is never a need to repaint or touch up the surface. Our products can be power washed up to 2,500 psi with no changes to the color or contour of the surface.

Who has used CREATEK for their attractions?

Our satisfied customers include Busch Gardens, SeaWorld, Mystic Aquarium, Lagoon Parks, Cabela’s Retail Stores, T-REX Cafés, the New York Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Museums, the Detroit Museum of Science, the New York Botanical Garden and Royal Caribbean Cruises.