Our Process

From concept development to installation, Createk is driven to provide you with the most realistic, durable and cost-effective theming installations available. Using state of the art 3-D computer software and construction equipment, our in-house team of experts can fabricate all the rock formations, trees, animal habitats, signs and architectural enhancements you need, then transport and install them at your site.

Our proven six-step process ensures efficient planning, superb artistry, and complete satisfaction from beginning to end:

Stage 1 – Concept Development

Based on a survey and discussions with your team, Createk prepares a narrative statement detailing your overall concept, requirements and project budget. Once approved, this becomes the formal design specification for the project.

Stage 2 – Site Visit

If pictures and blueprints don’t tell the whole story, Createk may arrange a visit to your site. Our architects, engineers and planners can meet with your team to discuss plans, take photos and generate discussion about the project.

Stage 3 – Design

Based on materials developed in Stages 1 and 2, Createk creative professionals create 3-D computer modeling designs and deliver them to you as CAD renderings. Upon your approval, modeling designs are exported to AutoCAD and incorporated into the plans by the Createk project engineer.

Stage 4 – Engineering

Engineering assistance begins once you approve the final design. Everything from product weights, design loads, capacity measurements, attachment points and supports are calculated and communicated to the project team. Once approved, a complete set of stamped shop drawings are provided to the team. Createk works with a licensed structural engineering firm and can certify drawings in every one of the Unites States.

Stage 5 – Fabrication

Once the engineering is complete, our team of steel fabricators, sculptors and molders go to work in our in-house steel and molding facilities. The project components are completely built in our facility, then cut into sections and shipped to the job site. This reduces the amount of time needed for on-site work.

Stage 6 – Installation

The modular sections are shipped to the job site where our in-house team of installers completes the project. Since the end product is the most critical phase of the job, Createk only allows its most skilled workers to complete this phase. Once installed, the project is reviewed by the customer and Createk teams to ensure complete satisfaction.