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Every day, millions of people across the country are captivated and astonished by Createk’s stunning thematic creations…and they don’t even realize it!

From amusement parks to museums, Createk creates the most realistic rock, water, and wildlife displays imaginable. We can even design and build the extravagant signs, displays, and architectural enhancements that adorn public areas and retail shops. Made from our patented composite polymer resin, Createk is a maintenance free alternative to natural materials such as rock, fossils, and wood. Using state of the art 3-D computer software and molding equipment in our US manufacturing facilities, Createk artists can fabricate rock formations, coral reefs, skeletons, trees, and practically any other natural or supernatural formation that you can imagine! We also offer a wide range of accent products such as artificial moss, vines, and plantings to complement your finished project. Createk has done work for many amazing theming companies including Busch Gardens, Disney, Sea World, Lagoon Parks, and Mystic Aquarium.

Createk uses the most advanced molding materials and techniques to create long lasting and durable products. Unlike concrete and rock based products, Createk can be used in any type of water environment without allowing water penetration. Createk resists the buildup of algae and other organic growth all while retaining surface color from the harmful effects of chemicals, rain, and water minerals.

Createk technicians can design a project based on your vision and imagination or work with your designers and architects to satisfy your exact specifications. From design to installation, our in-house experts work closely with your team to ensure complete satisfaction every step of the way.