Custom Creations

From amusement parks to retail stores, Createk creates the most spectacular custom creations in the industry. Anything that you can imagine, we can create!

From extravagant signs that assist you in finding your way, to the actual attractions themselves, Createk’s custom creations will bring your theming projects to life! To name a few, Createk has made amazing custom creations for companies such as Cabela’s Retail Stores, Lagoon Parks, and Disney. Using state of the art 3D computer software and molding equipment, we can replicate any natural or supernatural formation that you can imagine! Createk artists and technicians take immense pride in their work and in return create long lasting and durable products. Createk products can be used in any environment or setting and resists the build-up of algae and other organic growth when submerged in water.

Createk technicians can design a project based on your vision and imagination or work with your designers and architects to satisfy your exact specifications. From initial design concepts to project installation, our in-house experts will work closely with your team to ensure complete satisfaction every step of the way.