Artificial Stone

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Over the course of the last 20 years Createk Stone has revolutionized the faux rock industry with their patented ultra-realistic artificial rock surfaces. Createk Stone can be used in a limitless range of applications, from landscaping and playground components to creative thematic construction projects. Our products are made in America by an extraordinary team of in-house artists, fabricators, and installers who take pride in creating one of a kind works of art for the world to see. We offer four standard color selections, but have the ability to match any color that our clients may need. Not only does Createk Stone look, feel, and wear just like natural stone, it is much lighter and safer as well making it a vital addition to any project.

When building, our unique fabrication techniques allow our artists to formulate naturally occurring rock surfaces and reassemble them to create customized shapes and structures. Our artists can create a project based on your vision and imagination or work with your designers and architects to satisfy exact specifications. From initial concept to installation, our experts work closely with your team to achieve the desired results for your project. Our process has been proven to ensure effective project management, impeccable artistry, and complete satisfaction from beginning to end of every project.