Trees and Plants

Museums, zoos, aquariums, restaurants and retail stores across the country rely on Createk to create incredibly realistic trees and plants for their exhibits and displays. From towering oaks and sprawling banyan trees to underwater kelp forests, our artists construct trees and plants so naturalistic and awe-inspiring, you’ll swear they were the real thing!

The possibilities are truly endless with Createk trees and plants. Imagine a mammoth desert cactus that survives the harshest winter climates. Clusters of scrub brush adorning an indoor mountainscape. A giant sequoia tree guarding the entrance to a museum exhibit. If you can dream it, we can create it!

Millions of museum and theme park visitors have seen Createk’s beautiful handiwork. Our artificial trees and plants adorn Busch Gardens, Smithsonian Museums, the New York Museum of Natural History and the New York Botanical Gardens. We also work with Cabela’s retail stores to create the trees and plants for their famous interior habitats and landscapes. And office complexes, shopping centers and private homeowners look to Createk when they need naturalistic trees and plants for their atriums and open areas.

Made of our patented composite resin, CREATEK artificial trees and plants are ultra-realistic and have many advantages over the real thing. From trunks to branches to leaves, our trees are sunlight and UV stable, and will not fade, stain, chip or break after extended exposure to the elements. In addition, they never need watering, never wilt or die, and never grow too large.

Whether your project needs a towering chestnut tree that never loses its leaves, an indoor forest of elms, or a partially submerged stand of mangroves, look no further than Createk!