Timber and Wood

In addition to creating the most realistic artificial “living” trees and plants, Createk produces the most convincing deadwood in the industry. Our creative artists take great pride in the thousands of artificial stumps, logs, branches and petrified wood pieces created for our customers.

Perhaps you’re in need of intertwined branches for a beaver dam exhibit. Giant burned logs for a showcase on forest fires. An underwater sunken rowboat. The possibilities are endless with Createk!

Createk’s team of designers and fabricators have created these and other deadwood exhibits for museums, theme parks, zoos, aquariums, retail stores and playgrounds across the country. Working with computer modeling software and state-of-the-art machinery and tools, Createk professionals can replicate the look and feel of virtually any type of tree, timber or wooden object imaginable—down to the finest details, textures and colors. We also offer a wide range of accent products such as artificial moss, vines, and snow, ice and water to complement your finished project.

Made of our patented composite resin, CREATEK deadwood creations are ultra-realistic and have many advantages over the real thing. Our products are sunlight and UV stable, and will not fade, stain, chip or break after extended exposure to the elements. All of our products resist buildup to algae and other organic growth, and will not leach lime or display calcium buildup. In addition, since the color is infused throughout the entire material, Createk products never need to be touched up or painted if chipped or scratched.